A BraveHeart in a brave new world

A BraveHeart in a brave new world

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Recently I’ve been overwhelmed by some of the expectations there are around my life. Admittedly mostly from myself, but they are there. As an adoptive parent there are expectations – from my children, from other adopters, from all the other people involved in our lives. I’m sure it’s the same for birth parents – we are such a judgemental society often. We love to tell people what they are doing ‘wrong’ and how they should be living their lives.

As a small business owner too, there are many expectations and demands on us. It’s not an easy option to work for yourself. I think people assume we are sitting around in coffee shops, taking time off whenever we want to. In reality we are working many more hours then we used to, often alone worrying about the responsibilities. I wouldn’t change it of course. I love the fact that we can create something, deliver it and see the impact it has, with no restrictions imposed by others.

One of the phrases we use often in our office (and our home) is to ‘hold your nerve’. At times it feels like whatever we are going through will not end. That the difficulties and challenges will overshadow the successes and we will disappear under the weight of it all. My three children are all in High School now and going through those lovely teenage years. Sometimes we have to just let the hormones rage, hold on tight and exercise that brave heart within us.

I’m very excited that our business is growing and expanding and others are getting involved. This means of course we can reach more people around the country however it does add expectations and pressure for me. In the spirit of transparency it scares me to death sometimes! But without courage I know we will never really achieve what we want to.

The same is true with my children. Sometimes the challenges can appear so huge like a mountain in front of us. But we need to hold our nerve, find that brave heart within us and do what we know we need to do to help them heal. If we let the overwhelm grip us we can become paralysed and actually it’s not doing anyone any good.

Many of us aren’t good at looking after ourselves. I know this is a regular topic in my blogs for which I do not apologise because I know how important it is. One of our new trainers last week made a comment that was ‘If it’s good for me it’s good for my children’ and I can identify with that.

So whatever you may be feeling right now – whether in your work or home life – hold your nerve, ride the storm and above all look after yourself.

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