A different way to ski the mountain

A different way to ski the mountain

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I recently listened and watched a talk from a 13 year old on TED Talks which I wanted to share. It amazed me for a number of reasons:

  • His confidence and the way he articulates his ideas.
  • The ideas themselves – the fact that he has created his own learning environment and seems to be thriving as a result.

Click the picture to hear this inspiring 11 minute talk.

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I love the phrase about how you tackle a mountain when skiing – when you see a fresh mountain of snow if you skied it like most people do education everyone would ski in the same line, the safety way possibly. However when you do learning in a different way you see that mountain and there are hundreds of options and opportunities you could take. How amazing would that be if our educators approached teaching and learning like that?

When I think about vulnerable children particularly and our educational system, especially Secondary Education, I worry and feel a sense of hopelessness. The sheer size of the schools, the lack of relationships and the melting pot of behaviours – our children are fighting a losing battle before they even walk through the gates. As much as our Secondary Schools try to accommodate our children’s needs they will never be able to truly be the environment they need to heal and to learn how to function in society.

What’s the answer then? If as a parent you can’t home school or pay for private education with smaller classes then what can you do? I don’t have the answer to this one I’m afraid. What we do (and other parents I know do) is work hard to build relationships with the few members of staff who may have a connection with our child, work on building our child’s self esteem and cultivating positive friendships out of school, encourage and coax them into sports or music clubs to get them engaged and hope and pray that it’s enough!

I would be really interested to know of other alternative learning systems out there – if you know of any please email me – [email protected] or post on my Facebook page BraveHeart Education.

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