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Nicola Marshall’s Bio:

Nicola Marshall is a speaker and published author in the field of developmental trauma and Education. As an adoptive parent to three children Nicola has personal experience of living with the impact of early trauma. She started her training company some years ago – BraveHeart Education, in response to the growing need of educators to understand the challenges for vulnerable children within the education system.

All of Nicola’s speaking and writing takes the complex concepts of early trauma and makes them simple. There are many experts in this field, but few who have the personal day to day experience as well as the theoretical knowledge.

Nicola is a speaker, author, trainer, coach and a previous winner of an outstanding achievement award from the Black Country Chamber of Commerce.

Available to comment on topics such as:-

  • Education and vulnerable children
  • The culture of education
  • Emotional wellbeing in children and young people
  • Developmental Trauma and Attachment
  • Adoption and/or Fostering; specifically hard to place children i.e. sibling groups and older children
  • The adoption process
  • Adoption support
  • Breaking cycles for children who’ve been in the care sys
BraveHeart Education - Nicola Marshall

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