When does control move to influence?

I’ve just come back from a two day parenting teens course with lots of great, inspiring and challenging thoughts in my mind. One is around control and influence. When my children were younger we (the adults) felt in control of their behaviour and to some extent their feelings too. Maybe we never were actually in […]

The importance of sleep

Some of you may be heading back to school after the half-term, others (like myself) are still enjoying the lazy get up times of holidays. Of course, with my teenagers it’s hard to get them out of bed now at the best of times, but this week especially has been difficult as they relish in […]

The Power of Connection

We all want to be seen and to know that we matter. I’ve shown this video many times in our training as it is such a good explanation of empathy and what it actually means. It’s not about passing judgement on others or even being able to identify because we’ve gone through the same thing. […]

Have we become de-sensitised?

Whilst eating my porridge and drinking my coffee in McDonalds in Birmingham City Centre this morning I was shocked to see the amount of homeless men around, waiting for some compassion from those around them. I know there are lots of conflicting emotions and opinions for us on this subject, and I’m not raising this […]

What are we actually in control of?

My three children are not children any more – they are teenagers! Yes, the word that strikes fear in every parent. I have to say though, all in all, the teenage years have been ok and I know I’ve said this before that I actually have enjoyed the relationships I’ve been able to have with […]

Watch your language

It’s so easy to just open our mouths and say the first thing that comes to our minds. Sometimes, we may have even considered what to say and how to say it before we let it out. Either way we may not be totally aware of how the other person receives what we say. We […]

Tell me how I feel

For most young children they are spoken to all the time. We might not be aware of it but even with tiny babies we are nattering away labelling feelings, emotions, things for them. “It’s so cold today, we must wrap you up nice and warm”, “you sound really hungry, let’s feed you then you’ll feel […]

Are you REALLY listening to me?

I used to think I was quite a good listener. That was until I started a coaching course many years ago now and had to admit that actually I don’t really listen all that well sometimes. I’m not the kind of person who looks over peoples’ shoulders while they speak looking for a better option, […]

What’s so scary about being sad?

This may be a subject I’ve spoken on before as it makes a regular appearance in my life – BC and AC (before children and after children). Why do we find it sooo hard to be with powerful, dark and scary emotions in others, and sometimes in ourselves too? As I’ve been talking more in […]

Competition – a way to unite or divide?

Why are we so obsessed with competition? I totally get the Olympics and high level sporting competitions – people pushing themselves beyond what they think they can achieve. The bit I struggle with, and I may be in a minority here, is the need to manufacture a competitive environment for our children and young people. […]

Can we ever truly belong?

I’ve just started reading Brene Brown’s new book on belonging called Braving the Wilderness. It’s already raised some questions for me that I’m pondering in the light of my own journey of belonging, but also my children’s. Knowing you belong in a family or group and feeling that you belong are two different things. Our […]

One size COULD fit all

I’ve often thought, and said, that one size does not fit all – particular when talking about education. All children, and adults for that matter, are so different with varying styles of learning, abilities and backgrounds that having a system that pushes people down one path is narrow and inadequate. I still believe that’s true […]

The Power of Acceptance

Leprosy is not something we hear about very often these days. It’s a disease that many of us believe to be extinct but apparently 210,000 new cases are diagnosed each year! This Sunday coming – 28th January is Leprosy awareness day. When I was researching this all I could think about was the fact that […]

National Handwriting Day

23rd January is National Handwriting Day and it’s made me consider a number of things around this area for children in our schools, especially for those who may not have had lots of opportunities to develop their fine motor skills in early years. With the higher reliance on devices to entertain our children how many […]

Musical Therapy

The issue of our children’s mental health is one of growing concern within the country. With academic and social pressures at an all-time high, Harry White asks three experts what teachers should look out for, and how music can serve as therapy for some The issue of mental health among British youngsters is one of […]

Teaching Drama Article

For many vulnerable children and young people such as those adopted or in difficult home environments, school can be challenging. Having to meet the expectations of others, building relationships and trust, and being able to quiet down anxieties enough to learn can be near impossible. Young people who’ve experienced early trauma, and who show signs […]