Be an inspiration to others…

Be an inspiration to others…

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This weeks blog title is ‘what inspires you?’ and I’ve been thinking about that for a few days. I could give the normal answers of different famous people, or those who’ve been through adversity, or my family and friends. Whilst that would all be true I’ve been thinking deeper about this subject of inspiration and what has come up for me is that watching inspiring people or listening to an inspiring speech is all well and good but what actually compels you or me to action?

The dictionary definition of Inspire is to fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. When you hear of an inspiring story does it actually urge you to do something as a result? When I think about the brave steps I’ve made in my life they’ve usually come from the inspiration of others and it’s meant so much to me that it propels me into bravery and action.

In thinking about those times I’ve been wondering what are the components of such an inspiring encounter with someone that it changes your life in some way?

1) Their story resonates with your story in some way. Something about what they have been through, or are going through is similar to your own story but maybe they have overcome some aspect that you are still struggling with.

2) Their character is what you aspire to have in yourself. Something about the way they speak and are encourages you to reach for that too.

3) Their message is so compelling that you cannot help but act. There are so many needs out there and we can’t possibly met all of them on our own. But there are some message that really touch us in a way that is personal to us and that we have to respond to.

I love that feeling of being inspired – that someones story, their character or their message is so compelling that you can’t sleep thinking about how you could make a difference in the world in someway. Without inspiration so much would not get done in the world. But it doesn’t just stop there – we can be an inspiration to others too. Your story is so important. Without you telling your story to others they may never know that someone has overcome what they are struggling with. Our characters are being developed daily. When we strive to be a better person that shows to others too. Finally our message – we all have a message that we want to spread in the world. It may be about fitness, family, food or finance. Whatever it is people need to hear that message.

So be inspired by those around you as you go be an inspiration to others too!

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