Blame my brain!

Blame my brain!

There’s been so much written about how our brains develop and work over the last few years. Some of which I have found SO helpful in understanding my children and now adolescents. Today I thought I’d share some of these models with you, particularly the ones that are helpful for schools, organisations and parents/carers working and living with traumatised young people.

The first is one I came across very recently called the Learning Brain vs the Survival Brain. What I love about this is that it shows clearly the difference you will see with children who live in the learning part of their brain i.e. have little trauma triggers, and those living in survival. Take a look at the video which describes this well.

The second is one I’ve mentioned many times before – Daniel Siegels’ hand model of the brain. This again is a great way to understand what’s happening when children are dysregulated. This video that I’ve added is a longer version than I’ve used before as it explains more of the workings of the brain. Take a look at the video.

The final one is again one that’s been around for a while but is delivered in such a great way with children’s voices and a brilliant resource to help people understand how it feels and what’s going on for children with developmental trauma. Watch the video here.

I hope these three videos and models help you to understand this complex topic better and also to assist in the vital role of telling others.

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