Focus – What’s important right now?

Focus – What’s important right now?

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If you’ve been on this journey with me for a few years you will know that every year I choose a word for the year as my kind of goal or intention. It covers my professional and personal life and often pops up throughout the year in different guises.

This year as I’ve been reflecting over the Christmas break the word FOCUS has appeared a number of times. There are situations in my life, as I’m sure there are in yours too, that just keep hanging around like bad smells – unhealthy habits, mindsets that hold me back or just time wasters. All those things that I want to change every year and never get around to.

Well this year I’ve decided I’m going to change my focus. Instead of trying to stop doing all those things I don’t want to, I’m going to focus on what’s important.

Of course, what’s important to me may not be what’s important to you. Also, it may change daily and sometimes even momentarily. So, my mantra is going to be – Focus, what’s important right now? That may be getting a blog written, or the outline for a new book or article, it may be drinking a glass of water or going for a walk or it may be packing up work for the day and going to see my kids.

Whatever it is I’m going to try and focus on what’s important right in that moment.

Happy 2018 to you all – I hope you have a brilliant New Year and see your hopes and dreams come more into focus for you.


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