New Year, New Value

New Year, New Value

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I wanted to title this blog ‘new year, same old’ as sometimes it feels like that. We get to this time of year and it all just feels old hat – predictable presents (although my kids did good this year), predictable food (way too much cheese and crackers) and the same old shows on TV (hallelujah for Netflix). BUT this year as I was reflecting on the year, as is my way, I started to think about what is important to me.


Those who have travelled with me for some time will know that each year I pick a word for the year to focus on. Something that will guide me and give me intention in how the year goes. Some years I totally forget the word come February but when I reflect again at New Year something has moved in that area – maybe just saying it out loud and making it a subconscious intention is helpful even if I don’t think about it every day.


So, this last year my word was congruent. A strange word but I was doing a counselling course at the time and this idea of being congruent on the external with how you feel on the internal really hit me. I wanted to make sure that I was living as authentically as I can – making sure that what I believe and how I live match. Of course, I forgot about the word throughout the year, as always.


This week though as I think about my last year, I can see this has been the case. I have had to make decisions based on my values and what I feel to be true. As a result, I am going to be writing more and delivering more BraveHeart work – helping those living and working with vulnerable young people. When we adopted nearly 15 years ago now it changed my life completely and it’s still affecting everything I do now. There is still so much work to be done in creating the best environments for children to recover from difficult starts in life and I want to be involved in that as much as I can.


So, what about you? How has your last year been and what has been the standout moments for you?


My word for this coming year is brewing in my mind. It may change but currently it is going to be ‘valuable’. This came from me thinking about my values but it’s more than that. It’s about what is important, what is worthwhile spending time and money on, what is valuable to me, who is valuable to me and how do I bring value to others.


I’ve been thinking also about vulnerable children and young people and how they can move forward this year. Those you are working or living with – how can we add value to their lives and help them to add value to others?


I always find that questions are the best way to get to amazing truths in ourselves. It may not be what you want to hear but knowing what you truly feel can help to move you forward. So,


  1. What is of most value to you?
  2. How do you add value to those around you?
  3. What could you do today that would let someone know how valuable they are to you?
  4. What do you want more of in your life?
  5. How can you bring more of the extraordinary into your ordinary life?


This last question is one I am pondering. Something about the word valuable also makes me consider that to see the value in things you must really look at them. It’s something that constantly comes back to me. This last year has also shown me that what is in front of me is amazing. The people around me are wonderful, my kids and my life are special in so many ways. I just need to be able to see it and to stop long enough to appreciate what I have.


So, New Year Same Old, or New Year New Value…..I know which I am going to choose. 

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