One word goal for 2014

One word goal for 2014

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Many years ago now I heard someone speak about goals. I’ve always set myself goals and believe it’s important to know what you want so you can work towards that. However this one thought within the talk stuck with me and has given me a great tool that I use every year to help me focus myself for the year ahead.

The idea is that you create a one word goal for the year. A word that encompasses all areas of your life. A word that can be looked at in many different ways and that puts your intentions out there so that you focus on that one thing. It helps in lots of ways:

1) It’s much easier to remember than 10 resolutions or 20 goals for each area of your life.

2) Creating the word you want takes time and really helps you to focus clearly on what you actually want. When you have to say it in one word it gives you laser thinking to make sure you can get to just one word.

3) I’m not much for believing in the theory around the Secret – that what you put out their to the universe comes back to you. However I have seen the power of intentional thinking – that when you focus on something it somehow becomes part of what you do.

When I look back over the last few years I can see my one word goal has helped me and it has come to pass in different ways – many times not in the ways you think. 2012 my word was PEACE. Peace in my work life, home life, children’s lives – in all aspects. I didn’t think about the word every day but what was interesting was that at the end of the year when I looked back I could see that through the turbulence of the year I had found ways to find peace. I learnt many lessons about peace that helped me through.

2013 was a year of FAITH – faith that my business would work, faith in myself and my marriage, faith that my children would be ok and a spiritual faith that would grow. All of these things have happened and in ways I never believed would be possible.

So when you start to think about your one word for the year – think about what you want for your life in all aspects. A word that resonants with you and that inspires you to move forward. Whether in your work with children, or in your home life there will be a word that stands out to you – it may take a few weeks to land but it will be there.

Mine for 2014 is TEMPERANCE – an old fashioned sounding word but to me it speaks of self-control but also allows me to think about tempering my emotions to create the balance I want in my life – I need discipline and self-control to create the habits I want to make my business work, to stay connected to my family and friends and to help my children. But I also want to make sure I can temper that self-control with the realities of being a very busy adoptive parent – to go easy on myself, to remember PEACE and FAITH are still there too!

If you feel inspired to do this practice too of creating a one word goal for yourself I would highly recommend it and encourage you to think about your word and to tell someone once you decide on it. If you want to tell me then please contact me by email – [email protected] as I am always inspired by other people’s one word goals and will endeavour to encourage you on as you set your intention towards your goal for 2014.

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