Outside the Lines

Outside the Lines

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I was privileged recently to take part in the first episode of a new podcast that I’d like to introduce to you. The idea behind ‘Outside the Lines’ podcast is a place where people who are raising children they didn’t give birth to can get some support and community.

Here’s the link to this episode if you have an extra 40 minutes or just want to dip in and out. It may interest you if you are also an adoptive parent or carer in some way, or if you work with children and would like to hear more of the family challenges.

Also though as I’ve been thinking about this podcast (especially the title) and delivered two inset days this week I’ve been considering just how much we have to colour outside of the lines with vulnerable children and young people – whether at home or school.

I’ve said many times before that our educational system doesn’t allow for much flexibility sometimes but I have seen schools making things work very well for its most vulnerable students. Understanding that all children are different and need personal relationship in order to feel safe, is a start. When we colour outside of the lines it means we have endless possibilities of how the picture might turn out. We can start with the outline of our system but adapt to the many complexities our modern generation bring.

I realise I’m starting to sound a bit fluffy, even for me, and there’s probably no conclusion to my ramblings but I am going to continue to consider this phrase – outside the lines and see what comes up. I know for sure that our parenting experience feels outside of the lines often – may be yours does too. Take a listen to the podcast and I’m sure there will be many more episodes of interest in the future.

When you see children colouring this week just remember – whether they colour within the lines or not is irrelevant. Come along side them and enjoy the moment together.


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