Peace in Schools and Goodwill to all children

Peace in Schools and Goodwill to all children

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Well the song goes something like that eh? Peace on earth and goodwill to all men….as we are in the last week of the school year for 2014 I wanted to write a message of thanks and hope. Over the last year I have met hundreds of education staff on our Attachment training and I’ve been so amazed at the level of dedication and commitment I see – the fact that many of you are so passionate about doing the best for the children in your care is wonderful. I’m also aware of the immense pressure you are under and the constraints of our rigid system that drives you away from doing the things I know you want to do with the vulnerable children in your care.

So I want to say, as a parent and someone committed to helping vulnerable children THANK YOU – thank you for your commitment, your support and love, your perseverance, your dedication and tenacity and your hope. I see many of you weary from the pressures but also I see hope that we can make a difference. And what a difference you can make? Maybe not with all the vulnerable children who need it but those in your care. By impacting just one at a time I believe we can make a huge difference to children’s experience of childhood and then their longterm outcomes as a result.

Some of the difference I can tell you I’ve seen, in mine and other children I know, through educators really understanding their needs:

  • A child who passes their singing exam – the only subject they enjoy and are good at with the aid of a very sympathetic music teacher who went above and beyond.
  • A child staying in school instead of permanent exclusion because the Senco understood her issues and changed the sanctions to accommodate her.
  • A child getting the one to one help they need finally after months of trying – so that they can start to achieve.
  • A child making friends that they never had before through a teaching assistant helping them navigate those stormy waters.
  • A child knowing they are special and important by the way a teacher acknowledges their effort and not their achievement.

The list could go on and on and even though we know there is such a long way to go it’s important to see the positive things that happen everyday for our vulnerable children in schools.

So as you finish this last week I challenge you to look around you – who have you impacted this year? Who has progressed and is happier in school because of something you have done or how you’ve been with them? What has changed as a result of your presence for a vulnerable child? And I wish you peace, happiness and joy this week as you look to Christmas time.

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