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Have you ever wondered how to reach that hard-to-reach child in your classroom or club?

That child who is either so disruptive they take up all of your time trying to discipline them, or they are so withdrawn you have to use all your skills to bring them out of themselves.

There may be other reasons behind their behaviour. Attachment theory has been around for many years now with hundreds of books on the subject.

This book provides an accessible introduction to the foundations of attachment and trauma and the impact on children, especially within education and recreational groups.

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Many times children who have experienced trauma are very difficult to teach. They struggle in our educational system to really engage and to feel safe enough to build relationships with adults and their peers.

There are many books out there on Attachment Theory and some very good books on education. However some are quite cumbersome to read. This book is an entry level into Attachment. With the personal experiences of the author, as an adoptive Mum and trainer, the theory is made practical in a way that engages the reader.

In order to understand the needs of vulnerable children you need to read this book along with ALL members of your staff. Creating an Attachment aware culture will mean for ALL children they will be able to feel calm and safe enough to learn and to develop as they should.

You will come away from this book inspired and motivated to make a difference for the most vulnerable children and young people you come across.

What They Think

Education is the right of every child, regardless of its beginnings. If schools can learn to see beyond the here and now then traumatised children can learn that they are worthy of a future - a future where relationships make them and don’t break them. This book helps those working with children in whatever capacity support children to build the foundations so they can have a hopeful future.
Louise White
Teacher & Adoptive Parent
Every chapter was full of useful strategies that we as schools can implement easily. What I love is that everything is backed up by scientific research and its links to neuroscience. I have carried out a lot of personal research on the theory of attachment and this links beautifully to it. I will be sharing these strategies with my staff today and know that transition in our school will not only be better for our SEND children, but for all of our children. A wonderful read".
Danielle Jones
Primary SENDCo/Assistant Headteacher

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