[Online Course] An Introduction to Attachment & Trauma in Educational Settings


Want to attend a face to face course on Attachment in Education but not able to?

We know that there are many reasons why people may not be able to attend courses so now this online course is available for you.

  • Learn in your own time and wherever you are
  • No add on costs for cover staff
  • Come back to the material again and again
  • Additional resources available to enhance your learning experience

All these reasons make this option such an attractive one for those in education or other environments where children and young people are.

This self paced course will give you the fundamentals of Attachment – how to recognise it in children and young people and how to help and support them to achieve.

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Bringing you an Online Version of our hugely successful in person training course has been high on our agenda for sometime now – finally we are ready to make it available for you.

Understanding the needs of children and young people who’ve experienced early trauma is crucial to their success in our educational environments. Without this knowledge many children struggle to settle to learn, to feel safe enough to be able to take risks and to trust those around them enough to be able to achieve.

Being able to go through this self paced introductory course in your own time and in the comfort of your own environment is a great option for many busy educators.

There are videos and resources available throughout this online course that will give you the fundamentals of Attachment Theory along with strategies to help and support those children and young people you work with.

This is a single user license for one individual to study the course, complete the quizzes and final exam to receive your final certificate.

  • 3 Modules – Attachment Theory & Early trauma impacts, Symptoms and Strategies
  • 9 Lessons Per Module and a Quiz for each
  • Final exam with certificate of completion

We know that for many this option overcomes the barriers to attending face to face courses:-

  • Time away from school
  • Learning at your own pace
  • Available anywhere in the world
  • Being able to refer to the material again and again when needed