classroom Observations

We believe that our half day courses give a brilliant foundation to understanding vulnerable children in the educational environment. However we are aware that once you have attended a course you may still feel help is needed for a particular child or children in your care. Having someone come and observe the child in situ, talk to the staff involved and give recommendations for how to help that individual child is essential. We have found that many schools find great value in this service, whether for the staff involved, the child themselves or indeed the parents and/or carers of that child.

Classroom observations are available on request and can be tailored to meet any situation presented. We have experienced staff members who have personal experience of living with vulnerable children who can identify with the needs as well as the pressures of a busy school environment. Being the connection between the school and the carer or parent can also help relationships and improve the home/school partnership.

The main components of the observations are the following:

  • How to create the best environment for the child to feel safe enough to be able to learn.
  • How to find ways to help him/her develop and grow in ALL areas – academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Classroom/school observations of varying lengths of time dependent on need
  • Advice and guidance given to carers or parents
  • Written report with observations of what works well and what could be improved
  • Practical recommendations on how to help the child and the school
  • Signposting to further help and support as needed


Many schools have found the best way to utilise this service is to have a full day of observations followed by a twilight training session. This gives the training more meaning as it can be specific to the children in need within the setting.

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