The first step is the hardest

The first step is the hardest

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‘The toughest thing you ever did could well be the best thing you ever did.’

Our blog buddies title this week and one I could write on from a few different angles but I’ve decided on one. This week in my business I took another new step – a new service that I want to deliver to schools and something that scares me more than any of the other things I’ve done. It’s made me consider all those first steps I’ve made in the past on some scary, big adventures. Leaving home and country at 20 to live abroad, adopting three children, and finally starting my own business. There have been many other tough things I’ve done in my life when I look back but those three stand out to me as being the biggest. They are the biggest because they still have an impact on my life today.

Some things we do that may seem tough at the time afterwards feel like nothing – they kind of disappear from our memories (they are still there just overshadowed by other things). Other experiences however stay with us and shape us, our futures and our characters. Without these experiences our lives would be poorer. I’m not saying of course that everything about those life changing experiences were easy – they very often may have been the toughest times. However they had such a deep impact on us that they become part of who we are now.

For me I always want to be stepping out and stepping up – putting myself in situations where I need to stretch, sometimes where it feels that I really can’t do it – then I know it will change me in some way. Of course many times we don’t know until hindsight that it was the best thing for us, and sometimes maybe it isn’t. Just because you step out it doesn’t mean it will always go well of course. There are many times in my life when I’ve stepped out and it’s not gone the way I planned but that’s ok….the times that have impacted me were a mixture of good and bad, success and failure. My time abroad was wonderful but also challenging, upsetting and demoralising at times. Being an adoptive parent is the biggest roller coaster ride I’ve been on – the success and failures are many in one day!

Starting my own business was probably the scariest thing I’ve done on one level but also the most fulfilling on another. I would not want to go back now as the freedom to create something that makes a difference to others is incredible. Each day it seems that I have to step out and up again – to forever be fighting with those gremlins that say “I’m not good enough” or “who will want to listen to me” – we all have those – come on admit it! The toughest thing I think any of us does in our life is to overcome the negative thoughts in our heads whether they’ve get there through the repetition of others words or our own making – they stop us from taking that first step every day and enduring to carry on walking in the right direction.

So whatever you may be facing today – I hope you will take that first step with boldness, aware of the fear and the excitement at the same time. Keep walking because it may seems like the toughest thing you’ve ever done but who knows it may actually turn out to be the best thing you’ve ever done!

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