Tracks or footprints

Tracks or footprints

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Sometimes when you’re in the thick of things it’s hard to see any progress – how far have you come? Has the journey been worth it? What difference have you made along the way? In our blog buddies title this week – tracks or footprints, a few areas have popped into my mind.

Firstly when I think about our children and how far we have come I can honestly say there have been huge tracks left in the ground. This week my daughter did something very sweet for me and it made me realise that even though there are many times when we don’t see eye to eye and that she finds it hard to accept what has happened in her life, there are also times when the tracks stand out. Hopefully the times of attunement, however few and far between, are making a difference in her life. That she is healing slowly but surely.

We’re coming up to the fifth anniversary of my Dads death. He was and still is a huge part of my life. It’s funny how you don’t really appreciate that until they are gone. I know that however many years go by and however many mentors and good people I have around me, the Dad shaped hole in me will not be filled by anyone else. His footprint in my life is huge. He was such an unassuming man that I know he wasn’t going all out to change the world but he did have a massive impact on many people and the legacy of that continues. We just never know what an impact we have on others – whether they are huge footprints or tiny tracks doesn’t really matter – without them the landscape for others would be different.

I have been reflecting on my business today and where I am right now. If you just focus on what’s in front of you sometimes it can seem small – that the work you are doing doesn’t matter – whatever you job is. When you compare yourself to others it’s very easy to see your tiny tracks as somehow insignificant to those giant monster footprints – BUT I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe we all have a job to do that is just ours – that if we didn’t do it – it might not ever be done. My job as a Mother to my children is unique, my job as a wife to my husband is unique and my role in this work is unique. It’s the same for us all….

Finally in my own personal growth when I look down at my feet I can only see where I am right now. But if I look back I can see just how far I have come. We all have thorns in our side, traits that are hard to shake and problems that seem to follow us wherever we go. I can say that when I take my eyes off my own feet and focus on where I’m going and who I’m going there with it’s a whole different story.

So whether you consider your prints to be tiny tracks or huge footprints today just remember that they are making an impact on the world around you. Without you the landscape would not be the same. And be encouraged that the legacy you create will live on in others when you are gone.

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