Attachment & Trauma – Full Day Workshop

The complexities of attachment and trauma are great and our introductory half day course covers the very basics of understanding these children but there is much more to learn.

From understanding where attachment theory came from, exploring different diagnosis and therapies, to delving deeper into the specific behaviours you will see in children – this full day course will take you further in your understanding of attachment and trauma.

They say that 80% of being able to progress in any area is awareness – once you can understand – really understand what has happened for these children and how it impacts their learning, you can then find creative strategies to engage and connect with them.

This workshop will give you more understanding and in turn more strategies that you can adapt and apply to your environments.

Attending this course will also give you networking opportunities with other professionals – there is a lot of good practice out there that we all need to share in order to help these children.

This course is available as an onsite course which is a great way to change the culture of your setting and all speak the same language.

Upcoming Course Information

No date available currently for an open workshop

Venue: BraveHeart Education, 3 Centre Court, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 3EB.

To book or discuss whole setting onsite training: email