The Online Teachers introduction to attachment course

Do you recognise any of these in your school?

There are many children and young people in our school system who are struggling to achieve and to reach their potential.

Why is that?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to help and support those most vulnerable children in a way that would:-

By learning more about the theory of attachment and how trauma in early life can impact on a child’s behaviour, you can develop strategies that mean vulnerable children get the help they need, and your whole class will benefit. 

Clearly these strategies can be shared across your school and will have an impact on all children, as well as taking the pressure off teaching and support staff who will now have the tools they need to manage behaviour and help every child reach their potential.

An introduction to attachment and trauma in educational settings

This programme offers a straightforward three hour multimedia training course delivered through reading materials and videos which you can access online. 

Once all three modules and their quizzes are completed you will receive your certificate. 

After completing this course you will:

Whats Included?


Payment can be made either by credit or debit card or by invoice to your school

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the beauty of this course is that you can dip in and out when time allows. You will have to complete all the content for each module and the module quiz before you move onto the next, and at the end you will be able to print and download your personalised certificate.

Yes you can. Once you receive your personal login you can return as many times as you need.
Make a note of your questions as you go along. These questions can be discussed in the call with an expert at the end of the course. Once you have completed the course the hotline is open for you to talk through any specific situations you may be struggling with.
Our course forum will allow you access to other professionals who are undergoing the online course so you can interact with them. Also in our big BraveHeart Community there is an open forum to discuss good practice and challenges you may be facing.
Nicola Marshall, the founder of BraveHeart and the trainer on this online course is a certified coach and author. Her book The Teachers Introduction to Attachment was written to raise the awareness of the needs of vulnerable children in education.



This online course comes with a 30-day guarantee. If after completing the course, the quiz and the tutor telephone session you are not satisfied with this product you can call us to get your money back.