The Online Teachers Introduction To Attachment Course

Do you recognise any of these in your school?

  • A placid child who explodes every so often?
  • Children who crave attention?
  • Those who punch someone in the face even after receiving a sticker of achievement?
  • The withdrawn and sullen child who just isn’t achieving?
  • The sensitive child who cries even when he loses his pencil?
  • A child who doesn’t seem able to connect with others around her and gravitates towards the other vulnerable children?

There are many children and young people in our school system who are struggling to achieve and to reach their potential.

Why is that?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to help and support those most vulnerable children in a way that would:-

  • Give the child a chance to engage in education and to learn?
  • Give the teacher and staff the confidence to manage the child’s behaviour in the best way?
  • Give the class a break from the attention needed for that particular child?
  • Give the school a toolkit to help every child to achieve no matter what their start in life might be?

By learning more about the theory of attachment and how trauma in early life can impact on a child’s behaviour, you can develop strategies that mean vulnerable children get the help they need, and your whole class will benefit.

Clearly these strategies can be shared across your school and will have an impact on all children, as well as taking the pressure off teaching and support staff who will now have the tools they need to manage behaviour and help every child reach their potential.

  • Understand the importance of the early years for a child and how the theory of attachment impacts on learning
  • Be aware of the reasons why children behave as they do and how they might express
  • Be equipped with tools to help and support those vulnerable children and young people to be able to settle to learn and ultimately achieve

An Introduction to Attachment and Trauma in Educational Settings

This programme offers a straightforward three-hour multimedia training course delivered through videos and reading materials which you can access online.

Once all three modules and their quizzes are completed you will receive your CPD accredited certificate.

Whats Included?

  • 27 Video Lessons

    Spread across three modules each lesson has a video from Nicola as well as additional notes and worksheets.

  • 20 Minute Tutor Session

    After completing the course you are invited to schedule your free tutor session with one of the team.

  • Course Alumni Hotline

    As an alumni of the course you have access to a dedicated number to discuss challenges and strategies with our expert team.

  • Course Alumni Forum

    Creating connections, asking questions and the goto place for discussions with other students facing these issues.

  • Exclusive 10% Discount Code

    You will receive a 10% discount code to use in our online product shop.

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After completing this course you will:

  • Be able to help vulnerable students settle to learn
  • Have a calmer and more productive classroom
  • Help children to be internally motivated and so give them a chance to succeed in the future
  • Increase your confidence in managing difficult behaviour and fostering good relationships
  • Further your knowledge and understanding of the complex needs of children
  • Join a passionate and dedicated community of professionals

But Thats Not All…

As a valued member of our BraveHeart Community you will also get access to:-

  • Monthly Webinar

    Packed full of new and updated content each month the webinar is also a great place for Q&A .

  • Monthly Webinar Archive

    All our community webinar recordings will get archived here for you to access anytime in the future.

  • BraveHeart Community Forum

    An open community space for creating connections and discussions with other students facing these issues.

  • Secret Facebook Group

    For those that prefer a less formal community space this secret facebook group is private for all members of the BraveHeart community.

  • Bonus FREE Resources

    Over the coming months we will be hard at work creating the resources you need for you to download.

Everyone in the BraveHeart team lives with the impact of Attachment on children, as we are all adopters and foster carers.

We have been training professionals in this subject for five years now and have seen thousands of educators change their approach to children as a result. We continue to lead the way in advocating for vulnerable children and young people by raising awareness, knowledge and understanding.

We know that teachers work hard and are always keen to learn more and expand their knowledge. This course is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about a subject that can help you to make positive changes in your classroom. You’ll come away with the tools you need to help vulnerable children reach their full potential.

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“More than anyone else, teachers and school staff need to learn about the critical role that attachment plays in the performance, behaviour, and wellbeing of their students. Nicola Marshall’s clear and concise explanation of attachment makes it readily accessible”Christopher J. McGlinn, Ph.D., Clinical Coordinator, The Elwyn Davidson School, Pennsylvania, USA

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This online course comes with a 30-day guarantee. If after completing the course, the quiz and the tutor telephone session you are not satisfied with this product you can call us to get your money back.

“I found BraveHeart’s content enormously helpful and also reassuring. It bolstered up my toolkit of resources to understand and help the vulnerable children I come across – and it reassured me that I am equipped to help. Those children I think are hard to reach are actually within my reach and I could be the person to help them”Phil Thomas, Teacher, Headteacher & Resilience Trainer, UK

“I heard Nicola Marshall speak and I would recommend her wisdom. She speaks from the heart. I didn’t know much about Attachment disorder so I made it my job to find out. I did a paper on it following a talk that Nicola gave. She made it so real”Sarah Flanagan, Teacher Training Student, Derby University, UK

“This course has given me the tools I need to help these pupils survive the school day. Everyone working with children with attachment should take the opportunity to learn from your vast wealth of experience”Debbie French - King David School, Liverpool, UK

“This is a fascinating topic but incredibly complex. You have helped me gain greater clarity on this topic – thank you – you are doing a fantastic job educating the country in this really important area”Sue Lloyd - Moseley High, Birmingham, UK