About BraveHeart Education

Introducing Nicola Marshall

BraveHeart Education is about helping and supporting those working with vulnerable children – whether they are looked after, adopted or in challenging home environments.

How did BraveHeart Education get started?

BraveHeart Education came about through many contacts with adoptive parents and foster carers whose children struggle within our educational settings. For children who have experienced early trauma it can be incredibly difficult for them to engage in learning and to feel safe enough to trust those adults around them.

There are many times when these children’s fears and anxieties prevent them from learning, and actually the nurseries and school settings especially can add to their anxieties.

What qualifies me to talk about this subject you might ask?

My background is in personal development. Trained and certified as a coach spent 5 years helping others in all walks of life to achieve their goals, through training and coaching. In May 2008 my life changed when my husband and I adopted a sibling group of three. That led me into the world of attachment and trauma with a bang. Living with the realities of children who have experienced trauma has been a roller coaster. I have studied theories and strategies to help them, attended many courses and gained qualifications, read numerous books and generally immersed myself in this world.

Nicola MarshallFounder, Educator, Adoptive Mother & Author

Nicola Marshall - BraveHeart Education