Autism Awareness Workshop

Do you work with an Autistic child or young person in education? Understanding the Autistic Spectrum and how this can impact on a child’s learning in education is essential.

There are many children and young people affected by Autism that may or may not have a diagnosis. Their behaviour can be challenging, the way they relate to others can seem confusing and trying to help them sometimes is frustrating.

This workshop will help you to understand how young people with Autism see the world around them and how you can support them more in education.

  • History of Autism
  • Triad of impairments
  •  Sensory Integration Difficulties
  •  Understanding behaviour
  •  Terrific Traits of Autism
  •  Strategies in education
  • Senior Leader in Education
  • Teacher
  • Teaching Assistant /Learning Mentor
  • Special Educational Needs Coordinator
  • Pastoral worker
  • Family Support Worker
  • Youth Worker