The Teacher’s Introduction To Attachment (Bundle Offer)

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Many times children who have experienced trauma are very difficult to teach. They struggle in our educational system to really engage and to feel safe enough to build relationships with adults and their peers.

The Teacher's Introduction to Attachment is a must read for ALL those involved with children and young people …..


Have you ever read a book and thought “that was amazing” and then forgotten it straight away?

We don't want that to happen to those who read our book.

So now we have a way to turn that theory into action.

The Teacher's Introduction to Attachment WORKBOOK helps you to do just that.

As a bundle these two products give you the tools needed to help and support those vulnerable children in your environment. Together they will provide you with the fundamentals of Attachment Theory, how to recognise Attachment difficulties and many, many strategies to implement.

The Workbook can be used with your staff members to make sure the teachings are not just theory. The exercises incorporate coaching models to bring the teaching to light such as:-

  • Observing behaviour and looking for the underlying emotion or fear
  • Focusing on a child's emotional age instead of their chronological age
  • Notice the sensory stimulation in your environment and how they impact a particular child
  • Reflectively consider a recent incident – how could you have prevented that?

Using these two resources together you are well on the road to creating a culture of Attachment that will enhance learning for ALL children but particularly for those who struggle to settle to learn and to achieve all that they are capable of.

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